Find an Active and Current CFI

InstructorCFIIEmail Availability
Jonathon Charnes Y Home (708) 452-8608 M-Th after 4pm/Sundays
Tailwheel & Aerobatics
Gary Duzy Y [email protected] Select Days/Weekends
Rich Dyrda Y [email protected] Evenings/Weekends (3 days notice)
Ryan Feeney Y [email protected] Select evenings
Andrew French N [email protected] TBD
Derrick Hight Y [email protected] Variable - please contact
Vlad Leschenko Y [email protected] TBD
Pete McVay Y [email protected] Select Days/Weekends
Gary Palumbo Y [email protected] Any morning until noon
Gerard Schmitt Y [email protected] Select Days/Weekends
Brad Schroeder Y [email protected] Evenings/Weekends
Annalise Weck
Y [email protected] TBD
Thomas Winsor
Y [email protected] TBD
Nick Wright
N [email protected] Weekdays until 2:30/Weekends


Please see the Fox Flying Club roster or check user information on ScheduleMaster for telephone numbers.

Please contact Rich Dyrdra, FFC Training Officer, with any questions or concerns.