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We are Everything a Flying Club Should Be...

Getting the urge to fly? We welcome student pilots in the club. Every pilot was at one time a student pilot so we’re confident you’ll enjoy, with us, the lofty pursuit of flying!

Participation in the club is a great way to learn more about flying through interaction with other members. We are different than a flight school in that we own the planes and have a strong interest in taking care of them - we are also the ones flying the planes. We keep rates low because club volunteers do as much as possible to keep the planes in top condition. On average, the Club's rates are 20% lower than for-profit flight schools.



The FAA requires 40 hrs of flight instruction although most pilots need 50-70 hours of flight instruction – no matter where they take instruction. There's also ground instruction with your instructor and self-study. A written test (actually given thru a computer testing service) is required (the written test can be taken at any time) as well as an oral test and flight test with a FAA Designated Examiner at the end of training. If you fly at least twice a week you can probably finish in six to nine months or so.

There are programs at College Of DuPage, other community colleges and flight schools at various times to help you learn about aviation for the Private Pilot written test. Many people just use self study materials or video tapes along with coaching from their instructors.


Item Cost
50-70 hours @$118/hr (Cessna 172S) $5900-8260
Instructor 50-70 hours @$50/hr $2500-3500
Club initiation + 1 year dues $1490
Books, videos, headset, flight bag, etc. $500
TOTAL: $10,390 -$13,750


For training you don't need a lot of pilot gadgets. Our planes have intercoms so you won’t need a portable intercom.  You can easily spend another $1,000 to $2,000 on a handheld radio, GPS, noise canceling headset and other gadgets that are nice but not essential for initial flight training.

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So, look around, compare and drop in on one of our Meetings or just contact us with ANY questions you might have.

Getting from the "Gee, I'd like to learn to fly" stage to actually sitting in the cockpit can be daunting so we'll be happy to help with any questions you may have. Just Ask Us.