Fox Flying Club

A member-owned non-profit flying club with a fleet of four well-maintained, affordably-priced aircraft.

Everything a flying club should be

We're based at DuPage Airport (DPA), nestled in the Fox River Valley, 31 miles directly west of Chicago's Loop.

We promote aviation safety, education and fellowship through meetings, social activities and member flight training.

The Fox Flying Club is one of the better kept secrets at the DuPage airport. Our club has been active since 1956 and represents one of the best dollar for dollar values in aviation. A key ingredient to our club's success is that we've always insisted on having modern, well-maintained aircraft with advanced radio and navigation avionics available at reasonable rates.

But even more important, we tend to attract the kind of friendly, conscientious pilots and flight instructors who can open up a whole new world of information that makes your flying safer, more rewarding and more fun.

A flying club is more than just renting airplanes. We try to make our club a bit different, with special events, interesting speakers, and flyins to unusual places. Our attention to preventive maintenance and continued modernization of aircraft and equipment is the way we keep rates low and value high. Our commitment to making flying more affordable, enjoyable and safer is the cornerstone for the Fox Flying Club.


Members receive an activity discount based on club participation per quarter, further reducing these already great rates.


1999 Piper Archer III
$135/hour tach
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2001 Cessna Skyhawk 172SP
$135/hour tach
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1978 Piper Arrow III
$165/hour tach
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2004 Cirrus SR20 G2
$215/hour hobbs*
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Redbird TD-2 Basic Aviation Training Device
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Join the Club

Although we limit membership to optimize scheduling opportunities for members we do have turnover when Active members leave the area or chose to put their flying on hold for a while.

The Process

  • Review the club rules and bylaws (found here)
  • Review the FAQ
  • Let us know you want to join, this also gives us initial inquiry date for tracking prospective members
  • Download and complete the operations review
    This is just an exercise to familiarize you with our rules. Most of the answers can be found in the Rules document
  • Complete the membership application
  • Forward Operations Review and Membership Application to
  • Interview with three board members
    Bring all the above with the required copies and meet with three board members at one of our regularly scheduled meetings to discuss your interest, club practices or any other questions you may have.
  • Pay the fees - Bring a check payable to Fox Flying Club for $510 ($400 initiation fee plus $110 first month's dues)

After you join

  • You're now ready to take flight!
  • You will be provided with various access codes for Schedulemaster and club locks
  • Get checked out in club planes
    You'll need to have a checkride with a club Instructor in each plane you intend to fly. Students need their checkride before soloing. Semiannual club checkrides to improve your proficiency are only required in any ONE plane, not all the planes you fly.
  • As an Active member you’re encouraged (and expected) to participate in meetings, plane cleaning and other volunteer activities. The more you participate, the greater your overall flying experience

Student Pilots Welcome

Getting the urge to fly? We welcome student pilots in the club. Every pilot was at one time a student pilot so we’re confident you’ll enjoy, with us, the lofty pursuit of flying!

Participation in the club is a great way to learn more about flying through interaction with other members. We are different than a flight school in that we own the planes and have a strong interest in taking care of them - we are also the ones flying the planes. We keep rates low because club volunteers do as much as possible to keep the planes in top condition. On average, the Club's rates are 20% lower than for-profit flight schools.


The best way to contact us is to send an email at

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Fox Flying Club
P.O. Box 472
Wheaton, IL 60187