Current and Active Club CFI's

Instructor CFII? Contact Availability
Jonathon Charnes YES Home (708) 452-8608
Tailwheel & Aerobatics
Rich Dyrda YES Evenings/Weekends (3 days notice)
Derrick Hight YES Variable - please contact
Vlad Leschenko YES TBD
Pete McVay YES Select Days/Weekends
Gary Palumbo YES Any morning until noon
Brad Schroeder YES Evenings/Weekends
Annalise Weck YES TBD
Thomas Winsor YES TBD
David Berenson YES TBD
David Gooch NO TBD
Terry Kline YES TBD
Please see the Fox Flying Club roster or check user information on ScheduleMaster for telephone numbers.

Please contact Rich Dyrdra, FFC Training Officer, with any questions or concerns.